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 Verbal First Aid can turn a scare into a comfort, a hurt into a healing, and a potential trauma into a memory of rescue and courage.

When people are in fear, panic, pain or crisis, they fall into a behavioral pattern, known as fight, flight, or freeze. In this state, there is an opportunity to make therapeutic propositions that the body may follow, and we call this state “The Healing Zone.”

Everything we think our Body feels, so it literally changes our Genes and our Destiny. When the Body is relaxed and peaceful, the parasympathetic system creates balance, harmony and healing.

Because people in emergencies are in an altered state of consciousness. Words can affect the autonomic nervous system and be accepted as commands. The autonomic nervous system regulates vital bodily functions, from heart rate, bleeding, blood pressure, breathing, response, and emotional reactions, to perception of pain and many more.

That is why we say there are words, and ways in which to say them, that can mean the difference between panic and calm, pain and comfort, and even life and death.

Words are the most powerful tools and their echoes are endless …

A crisis represents danger but also represents opportunity - Always!

Because events that we actually experience make up only 10% of our lives; the remaining 90% of life consists of how we respond to those events. 


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