The PATH to ME

Self-Therapy Bundle

 The PATH to ME Therapy-Kit is the most successful method in Self-Therapy, based on psychological principles. It includes an analysis and solutions-oriented Guidebook, 70 oversized exercise Cards, 15 USB Audio sessions and a personal Notebook.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

The innovative approach to this methodology is unique in the therapy world because it is a non-invasive and gentle way of utilizing metaphors in order to decipher the CAUSES of our reactions; based on challenges and traumas that one has endured. It is a therapy method established on psychological principles as well as a journey of self-discovery that teaches how to recognize the causes behind our thoughts, feelings and actions. It also provides guidelines, principles, norms, themes and solutions, as well as instructions to direct our automatic responses – because 90% of our life is self-determined.

It will also unlock such aspirations as; your calling, your life-codes and why or what your path in life should truly be, especially in times like these - and how to achieve it. The Kit is a valuable tool for orientation in everyday life.

Self-awareness, and the mindfulness that it engenders, is a healing method and provides us with clarity - a sense of basic trust.

The quality of the relationship with yourself is the key to everything - and everything you experience is a mirror of that quality.


  • 70 Cards for Group and Self-Therapy
  • Audio USB stick for Individual Self-Therapy
  • Journal for Notes
  • Guide and Analyzing Book
  • Teddy Bear for Comfort