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The PATH to ME  - How to change your life by changing yourself

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"The PATH to ME" by Rose M. Kuonen

Rose M. Kuonen helps the readers of “The PATH to ME" with shaping their own life into something better.

When people want to change their lives, they often make the mistake of thinking that they need to change the events around them. The truth, however, is that the events people experience only make up around 10% of someone’s life. The other 90% consist of how people respond to those events. The good news: you can train yourself to respond in ways that will have a better effect on your life. Your own attitude is one of the most important factors when it comes to how successful you are in life – and you have almost full control over that aspect. Unfortunately, only very few people are aware of themselves, and thus only a small percentage of people know how to fundamentally shape their own lives.

The insightful and helpful self-therapy workbook "The PATH to ME" by Rose M. Kuonen is based on proven, psychological principles, and its solutions-oriented analyses helps the readers to identify the underlying causes of their problems. The book provides guidelines, support and instructions on how to direct our actions. Readers who follow the advice outlined in this book will soon find that they get to know themselves and the people around them a lot better.


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The PATH to ME - Self-therapy workbook based on psychological principles

It is easy to blame one's problems on other people, the economy, or life's circumstances. Rose M. Kuonen shows that you have more control over your own happiness than you might think. According to her, only 10% of your life depends on what is happening to you. The 90% depend on your own responses and reaction to those events. Only a third of all people know themselves and their reactions well enough to understand that they are the masters of their own happiness. The book's aim is to show everyone how to identify the real causes of the problems in their life and how to change reactions that tend to make problems worse instead of better. Readers will learn about self-awareness, how to overcome childhood (and other) traumas, how to become a better person, how to have better relationships, and how to generally be more satisfied with what you have in life.

Psychological principles and the author's wise insights into life build the corner stones of "The PATH to ME" by Rose M. Kuonen. One of the main messages is to live in the moment and be less judgmental. In our modern world, stress is ever present in most people's life. A lack of self-awareness, i.e. not being aware that your own reactions and responses play a large role when it comes to creating stress, is one of the main reasons why some people cannot escape the vicious circle of stress. Thanks to this helpful and easy to follow book, readers can now learn how to adjust their reactions, become more self-aware and eventually free themselves from stress.

"The PATH to ME" by Rose M. Kuonen is now available from tredition or can alternatively be ordered by using ISBN 978-3-7345-4865-9.

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The Path to Me – New Book Teaches How We Can Create Our Own Happiness

April 19, 2016 connektar, Medicine, health & wellness

In her new workbook The Path to Me, Rose Kuonen reveals possibilities for influencing one’s own happiness.

Rose Kuonen’s work, The Way to Me, teaches readers how to take their destinies into their own hands. A third of all people do not know themselves well enough to use the power they have over themselves. Kuonen shows that the things that happen to us only make up about 10% of our lives, while the remaining 90% of life consists of our reactions to those events. As such, our problems do not lie in the external world but rather are deeply rooted in our inner world. Most of us, however, do not yet know how to adjust our reactions to these experiences so that we can find happiness and joy in our lives. Many times we don’t even realize that we are reacting to something but rather feel that we are at the mercy of the events taking place around us. Using examples from life, Rose Kuonen explains the enormous difference our reactions can make and what beneficial reactions are possible.

The Path to Me by Rose Kuonen is a self-therapy workbook based on psychological principles that provides solutions to the causes of our problems, as well as guidelines, themes and instructions for actions that enable readers to bring real changes to their lives. Therapist Rose Kuonen provides her readers with friendly encouragement and supports each step of the way. Her workbook is easy to follow, and readers will feel as though they are being accompanied by a trusted friend. Meanwhile Kuonen explains the possibilities for dramatically changing the direction of our lives.